Tico Armand is a Haitian Philanthropist, Model, Poet, Public Speaker and Actor. The Brooklyn-bred, Miami resident makes regular trips to her homeland to provide crisis relief. EA Creative developed an innovative vehicle thru which Tico could monetize her milieu of works called “PhlyAnthropy”.

EVR is an herbal vitality brew made for social settings. It contains a plethora of herbs known for their invigorating effects, and yet it tastes wonderful. (This Brand building venture is currently in progress.)

Business Seeds is a New York-based Venture Capital Firm that seeks to improve the lives of urban residents by providing investment and start-up consulting to emerging family businesses in inner-city communities.

Kadi Kollections is an emerging brand that adapts the nostalgia of Africanesque to the functional ways of modernity.

MTA-SBDP is revamping a key set of internal development materials. EA Creative collaborated with Synergy Business Development to provide Creative Direction for the new materials.