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Feature Project

Winly App UI Design

Winly provides the opportunity for you to download your ideas, information and intelligence into a thought provoking and organizing tool. While you steer your business towards profitability, Winly is guiding you with proven exponential growth Playbooks.

Feature Project

Kadi Kollections

Kadi Kollections is a US-based fashion & textiles design house. The company exists to adapt traditional African fashion and home products to modern urban living. EA Creative provided branding, design & strategic consulting towards enabling this unique venture to emerge and prosper in the US and UK markets.

Feature Project

Kamit Preparatory Institute

Kamit Preparatory Institute exists to inspire students to reach their fullest intellectual and spiritual potential. We engage students in a rich academic curriculum, and foster a love of learning through the arts.

Feature Project

Ausaria & Co. Jewelry

Ausaria & Co. curates an ancient legacy of Nilotic Arts & Culture. The design house commemorates the art history of Taui through its collections of amulets and fashion jewelry.

Feature Project

Kamau Anthropology

Kamau Anthropology is a division of Kamau Industries, Inc. It is a research group concerned with “Kamitic Anthropology” (KA). KA is a proposed model for interdisciplinary studies that expands the purview of archeological Egyptology to embrace data from molecular anthropology, linguistics, theology and socio-cultural studies.

Feature Project

Black Bull

Black Bull is an herbal energy beverage that has the vitality kick of a caffeinated cooler, but with the taste of a social drink. EA Creative helped the brand make its reintroduction via a modern brand ripe for global distribution and socialization.

Feature Project

Travelista Teri

Teri Johnson has visited over 72 countries and speaks 3 languages. Vacation resorts hire her to visit and review their amenities via Travel Channel features and infomercial spots on various other media outlets. EA Creative provides strategy and promotional design solutions for the globe-trotting brand.

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Some principals plan their entire business in thought, on paper and via Excel spread-sheets. Consider injecting design into the planning phase. Often over-looked is that, with design comes creative thought. There are plenty examples of creative innovation – unique enhancements of product or service – giving business a shift in a new and rewarding direction. Embrace the problem-solving capacity of design, complementary to your capital and labor resources.

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Motion sculptures for CCTV Documentary Channel is a digital metaphor of phenomenal blinks and moments that life consists of. In four Idents we follow a visual performance of organic and


Conceived by the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the 22-acre master plan for the Pacific Park development will include: A 15 building mixed use development offering more than 6,000 affordable, rental


Naming the project “DUMBO Heights” is more than an acquisition—it’s a deliberate definition of a neighborhood with its own fabric and authenticity. The name itself stands for its logistic significance,


Aristotle Augmented

The purpose of art is to use outward beauty to accent substantive worth.

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